Hemp is environmentally friendly, fully usable plant (seed, root, leaf, stem, flower).

It is 100% biodegradable, no waste.

Hemp is grown without pesticides and herbicides, destroys weed and loosens soil.

It is used in the food, textile, construction and cosmetics industries, as well as energy and medicine.

Hemp can produce more than 25,000 products.

Hemp seed is naturally gluten-free.

Hemp seed oil is a natural, whole food product extracted mechanically without use of chemicals, preservatives or additives.

Refined hemp seed oil is used primarily in the body care and cosmetic industry as a natural moisturizing oil.

Hemp protein powder is allergen-free.

Hemp is 100% GMO free.

There is no genetically modified hemp seed production, while 90% of the soy production is genetically engineered.

Rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals, easy to use and allergen free, hemp is a true superfood!!